Even before his birth in Iowa City, Iowa, Josh Timmerman had already heard the roar and felt the rumble of a race car.  Parents Bruce and Debbie Timmerman took the opportunity to attend a few races during the summer of 1987 while a pregnant Debbie awaited the birth of Josh, their third child.  Born October 2, 1987, Josh spent his childhood in Davenport, Iowa, until the age of 11 when the Timmerman family moved to Indianapolis, Indiana, home of The Greatest Spectacle In Racing®. According to Timmerman, “Around 12 years of age, I first realized I was interested in racing.  I remember watching the Daytona 500 on the television with my father, and it became a regular routine to sit down and watch the races on television.”

When he first expressed his desire to race cars, Timmerman remembers, “There wasn’t much opposition to my dream of racing at first because I don’t think many people took it seriously until I actually found a car I planned to drive.  Dad was open to the idea, but I don’t think he was sure of the possibilities.  Mom was terrified of the idea and wouldn’t allow it.”

Not one to give up, Timmerman capitalized on an opportunity to have a discussion with his worried mother during a family road trip to Talladega, Alabama.  “On the way back, my mom and I had a very long talk about her concerns and my promise of making safety my main priority.  Once she felt satisfied, she gave me her blessing.”


Timmerman started out by getting his hands dirty as part of the pit crew for Tim Turner, a driver for an ARCA® racing team.  “Tim and I got to know each other pretty well, and he offered to let me use what was his first race car–a 1979 Chevy Nova turned into a Street Stock.  After bringing it home from Tennessee, we built it to race in the Street Stock division at Kokomo Speedway.”  Turner’s car served Timmerman well, as he was named Kokomo Speedway “Rookie of the Year” for his division in 2005.


2006 Truck

Following major rule changes for 2006, Timmerman decided not to run the Nova.  While searching for another car, he came across a SuperTruck which had earned the 2002 track championship at Anderson Speedway.  In the SuperTruck Series, Timmerman was able to run the final five races of the 2006 season at Anderson Speedway along with the entire 2007 and 2008 seasons.

09 TruckRace team experience was one of the biggest obstacles during those two seasons.  Timmerman explained, “Our entire crew was new to racing, so we didn’t necessarily know all the tricks of the trade. We did however catch a break during the 2008 racing season as a veteran set-up man with many wins under his belt, took interest in our operation and helped us get our first win.”


Baer Field 09The 2009 season brought changes as Timmerman made the move from the SuperTruck to a Late Model. With plans to run in the CRA Sportsman division, Timmerman was ready to take his racing to another level.  Unfortunately, 2009 was a year of adversity as the season opener at Anderson Speedway ended with Timmerman’s brand-new race car in the turn 1 wall.  After nearly four months of working to put his race car back together, Timmerman ran two races at Baer Field Speedway in Fort Wayne and was ready to make his return to Anderson Speedway in time for the August 8 CRA Sportsman race.

For the success he had found at Anderson in the SuperTruck series, it wasn’t meant to be in the Late Model, explains Timmerman, “Another accident at Anderson Speedway put us out for the remainder of the season. The classic case of too many cars on such a little racetrack makes for havoc when someone crashes right in front of you.  It takes a careful execution of all drivers in front of and behind the accident to ensure more cars do not get collected in the accident. That was just the case for us when we were hit in the rear by another race car that couldn’t slow down in time. That contact initiated contact with another car which caused most of the damage.”



In the off-season, Timmerman once again rebuilt his race car.  During this time, he also made the decision to run the 2010 season in the Napa Late Model division at Baer Field Speedway, and that decision led to renewed self-confidence and success.  The 2010 season brought a “Sportsman of the Week” award, 5 top five qualifications, all top ten finishes with 3 top five finishes. At season end, Timmerman was named 2010 Late Model Rookie of the Year at Baer Field Speedway.


2011 took Timmerman to St. Louis, Missouri for nearly the entire racing season.  As a Financial Advisor with a financial services firm, he was offered an opportunity to participate in a training program to further his professional career.  Timmerman knew that racing in 2011 would be very limited, yet he felt that the short-term sacrifice would result in a long-term gain.  In 2011, Timmerman took the checkered flag only once, but the decision to focus on his career ensured a secure future.


JL912233With more experience under his belt, Timmerman returned as a rookie to the CRA Sportsman series in 2012 which put him on the track at Plymouth, Anderson, Winchester, and Lucas Oil Raceway.  Timmerman finished the season 9th in points with 1 top five finish and 3 top tens.

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